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Here is a sneak peak at one of our latest projects, which is actually a blog aggregation concept where we feature posts, articles and images straight from the RSS feeds of all the sites on our network.  Unlike some of the other RSS Aggregation sites we have done, this one is not laid out in that tradional grid/headline format.  No, we tried to make this look just like a regular blog with your standard two columns with right sidebar.  Same as our previous RSS feed sites, this concept can be customized in limitless ways from the sites you choose to bring in content from, to whether you want just headlines, article snippets or full headlines, to the color, to layout, handicappers, etc.  Any which way you choose, this is the quintessential “autopilot” concept.  In case you do not believe in the potential of aggregation sites, one need to look no further than the ever popular “” and ““.  These are two wildly successful RSS aggregation sites owned by extremely reputable businesses (ever heard of Guy Kawasaki, author of the “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” series (!!!) ?)

If you would like your own custom RSS aggregation site, you can find what we have available at and


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    Our sister blog on is “Handicapper Solutions Portfolio”. Here is a recent post that may be interesting to handicappers in the market for a new secondary income producing website.

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