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10StarPicks Blog Redesign

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We recently redesigned the blog for 10StarPicks, which can be found by going to blog.10starpicks.com.  If you are not already blogging, it may be time to start.   There’s little question that a blog, on your own website’s domain name (that’s at blog.yourwebsite.com or yourwebsite.com/blog – again, not at a wordpress or blogspot domain), will deliver the best value to sports handicappers looking to gain exposure online.  The reasons a blog is my #1 choice are countless.

Here are our five top reasons why blogging makes sense:

1. The blog will bring search engine exposure to your website, which in turn helps make it easier for potential customers to find you.

2. The blog gives you an invaluable opportunity to showcase your personality and establish your knowledge credibility.  There are thousands of handicappers out there competing with you for customers and a blog is the perfect way to rise up above the noise and make a real impression.

3. The blog will make you stand out as a thought leader in the sports handicapping world.  That is, someone is who is an expert in the industry and someone who can be trusted.

4. Once it’s setup (which does require a bit of time and money for the technically un-inclined, the time it takes to write 3 blog posts per week could literally be 1-2 hours or even less once you get the hang of it.

Click here to see the blog live.


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